The Ultimate Career Happiness Test

Well done!!!  Knowing whether your career is taking you to a "Happy" place is key to making good career decisions and building your career.  This checklist is provided as a guide to help you understand whether you are managing your career, or if you are just working at a job.  

Most importantly, it is designed to draw out whether or not what are considered key happiness factors match your feelings about your job and career.

Rate each statement/question using the answer that most closely represents your feelings about the statement/question, then add up your total scores.

This should only take a few minutes, and once your complete the test you can see how you rate!

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1. I feel my skills and views are valued by my boss.
2. I am comfortable that I can be myself at work. I am the same at work as I am outside of work.
3. I feel totally connected with the team and the business. I'm a great fit.
4. I love telling people about my job and who I work for. I'm proud of what I do.
5. I enjoy my work because it is challenging and rewarding.
6. I can't imagine working anywhere else.
7. I never get angry or overwhelmed when I get a new task. Even if it is a task I don't like doing, or I'm super busy.
8. Even though I'm busy, I have a good work-life balance which my company supports.
9. My boss is great.
10. My colleagues / team have my back and I have theirs.
11. The company culture and values are in sync with my own values and beliefs.
12. My job is enabling me to chase and fulfil all my personal goals.
13. When at work I never get distracted or daydream about doing something else.
14. I wake up excited about going to work everyday.
15. There are alway news exciting projects that I get to be involved with. I'm learning so much.
16. I know I am a valuable member of the business and what I do matters.
17. I'm pretty well known in the business and I know and talk to lots of people at work.
18. The business vision is clear to me and I want to be a part of it.
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