The best candidates don't seek. They get found.

Refer someone for a new job.

Receive cash rewards when they get it


How Cazoot Referrals Works


Refer a candidate for a role

Your network is valuable. You know it. We know it.

You can refer up to 5 candidates for each role by setting up a Cazoot profile and answering a few questions about the person you’re referring for the job.


Cazoot sends the top candidates to the employer

We accept a maximum of 100 submissions per role, and of those, only the 20 best matches will get passed on to the employer to review and interview.


Receive Cash when your referral gets the job

If one of your candidates gets the job, you’ll get $1000 - straight up, no strings attached, no special conditions.

Of course, we suspect the happy candidate will want to take you out to dinner to say thanks too!


Ready to Refer a Candidate?

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