“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” – Pablo Picasso


Updated: Jan 29

Welcome to the first of our Monday Mojo posts of inspiration and reflection! Each week we will be kicking off Monday with a quote to inspire, challenge, motivate or just make us stop and reflect on our world and where we are going.

The first quote comes from one of the most dominant and influential artists of the 20th century - Pablo Picasso.

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” - Pablo Picasso

Hmmm.... I just started thinking about all the jobs that I had on my list yesterday (and last week) that I didn't get done (let's be honest, that's most days) and mentally ranking them in importance. How many were so important that they will screw up my week, derail my master plan or end up hurting me or someone else?

On the flip side, if they were important tasks that I had set myself, why did I not complete them? Was it that they were less important than the other tasks I got done? Did I just forget (of course not) or was it simply I was prepared to accept the delays and impacts of not getting them done? If I were to die tomorrow - would any of those unattended tasks really matter?

What about you? Were there any mission critical tasks that just rolled over into the next day?

For me, the answer is a combination of all. There were most definitely tasks that I had set as urgent that I needed to get done to progress my strategic plan - but I let other things distract me. Many of those distractions were not that important either when I reflect on it.

Now those tasks are sitting in front of me staring accusingly at me from my to-do list with a cocked eyebrow, crossed arms and a tapping foot.... and my grand plan is stalled by not getting on with it.

However, if I died today, I don't think any of my un-actioned tasks or goals from yesterday would have left a void in my existence or disrupted the universe.


Except those deeply personal matters.

Is there someone who I owe a call to?

Have I left a favour to me unthanked?

Did I tell those people who matter most how much they mean to me?

Hmmmm ... maybe there are a few things I would not like to leave undone.

How about you?

So, it's a new day, a new week and I would encourage you to do as I am going to do this week - embrace every day with the words of Pablo Picasso headlining every page of the daily "to do" list.

A reminder to not put off what must be done today. Whether that be updating your cv, applying for that job, implementing that new structure, writing your business plan, going for a run, taking your partner out for dinner, heading to the park with the kids, writing that blog post or booking that family holiday - Carpe diem!!!

Today is the day, and this is your week!

Make today a good day!


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To Do List by STIL on Unsplash

Today was a Good Day by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash