"Life is what happens..." - John Lennon


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As an avid Beatles and John Lennon fan, there was always going to be some Monday Mojo inspired by the great man. This particular post is one that I find myself reflecting on during those days of mayhem and chaos when I'm chasing my tail and seem to be getting nowhere.


“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”John Lennon

Whilst this quote's origins can be traced back to 1957 Reader's Digest writer and cartoonist Allen Saunders, it was made famous by Lennon in his 1980 song "Beautiful Boy".

There are numerous debates on what is meant by this quote, so here's my take.

We spend a lot of time at work and a lot of planning and preparing for work. Then of course we spend a lot of time planning and engineering our career. Then we spend a lot of time worrying, saving and planning for our retirement. Then there's all those meetings, engagements, gatherings and responsibilities we seem to need to make time for in our busy schedule..... so, when is there time for simply allowing life to happen and enjoying it?


There is a risk that sometimes we get so busy being busy that we forget to take time out and smell the roses and embrace the moment. You know what I mean!

No matter how busy you are; what your job is; what deadlines are hanging over your head; the status of your career / job search; or how many people are asking for your time, don't forget to take time out just for you.

Not to do anything in particular. Just chill, relax, be at one with your thoughts and spend time doing something you enjoy.

Your life is special - don't forget to take some time out to appreciate it.

Have a great week!

Image Attribution:

Photo of Busy People by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Photo of Lennons by Jack Mitchell

Photo of "Love your Life" by Natasha Fernandez from Pexels