Dear Head hunter....


Updated: Jun 9, 2018

Dear Headhunter,

It’s been ages since we last spoke. Did you not get my voicemails? What about my emails? I’m starting to feel like you’re avoiding me…

What happened?

We used to have such good times together.

Coffees brought to us by your company butler on the 20th floor in your awesome meeting rooms.

Amazing lunches at nice restaurants.

Gifts at Christmas time.

But now… you don’t call, you don’t write, or send flowers … Was it something I said?

I know I’m not recruiting that much anymore, but that’s because I’m looking for a job myself.

Surely our relationship was not just because you wanted to win my work… was it?

You see, times are tough, and I could really use some help. After all the work I’ve provided you and referrals of candidates from my network, I figured you’d be happy to help me this time…. It appears not.

After years of toiling away for my boss and the company, it appears I’m no longer part of their future plans. I’m no idiot. I can read the writing on the wall and if there’s no future for me here, I want to move my career forward to somewhere I’ll be valued.

I’m learning now that being a candidate sucks. I’m also learning that you and your recruiter mates don’t really care about people like me when we need help. I guess there’s no money in helping and coaching a candidate, huh?

Well I guess it’s a good thing that I now know how little you value our relationship and me. Knowing now that I was little more than a number in your sales pipeline, sucks too, but I’ll get over it.

By the way, you should know that I am working hard to grow my career and I will get another job. And when I do, don’t bother calling to see if you can help me with my recruitment needs.

I will keep your number in contacts and on my mobile phone. For one reason… so that when you call I know not to answer it.

Over and out,


Your ex, and never to be again, client