The best candidates don't seek. They get found.

The best candidates don’t seek.

They get found.

A peer powered recruitment platform that makes recruitment easy for business and rewards people who refer candidates.


Intelligent, Referral-Based Recruitment

We know the best people to work with are up to their eyeballs in work - they don't have time to think about their career or search for jobs.

Today, job ads are generally a lottery, and most recruiters are more interested in their commission check than your business or your career - but we all know Referrals work!


“I think the referral approach is a winner. I reckon I’d have made a few dollars over the years!”

A.W. - Melbourne

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Find better candidates for less

Research shows that referrals make the best Candidates and they also are less likely to leave.

We have a fixed fee for each job listing, presenting up to 20 high quality, expertly matched Candidates for short-listing per role you list, and you’ll only pay to use Cazoot when you successfully place a candidate.

Forget the resume sorting and phone calls - let Cazoot find the best candidates for you through the power of smart referrals.



Make an income from your network

Your network is valuable.  You know it.  We know it.

That's why when you refer someone from your network for a job listed with Cazoot, we reward you for every Candidate you refer that is qualified for short listing.

You’ll find your friends jobs they love and make money doing it. Easy!



Receive job offers tailored to your passion and skills

What could be better than being nominated for a job by someone who knows you and is willing to vouch for you!

If you've received an email from Cazoot that means you are already considered a viable candidate for a top job.



Average number of Linkedin Connections per user

We all have networks of people we know and trust. Flexing this network makes the recruitment process much easier (and a lot more personable too).



Average number of Cazoot candidates reviewed before filling a role

Our candidates have been specificially referred, analysed and matched with your requirements. Better candidates means fewer interviews.



Average saving of cazoot recruitment services

Pay a flat fee when your role is filled. Less time and money spent on advertising and sorting resumes means a more cost-effective recruitment process.



The best way to understand Cazoot is to experience it for yourself.

Whether you’re hiring, looking to flex your network by referring candidates or want to find out about job opportunities yourself, it’s free to join Cazoot.


Business REcruitment

Create a job listing and profile and we’ll handle the rest.

Simple, discreet and no obligations.


Become a REferee

Setup your profile, checkout the current listings and start referring.

An easy, rewarding way to earn.


Join the Cazoot Network

Setup a profile and receive tailored, referral-based job opportunities you’ll love.

Your new career awaits.