The Cazoot Manifesto

Cazoot is committed to creating a simple, cost effective and efficient platform that enables business to connect with high quality candidates, validated by references.  

In doing so, Cazoot is changing the way people make their next career move.  As a disruptive, next-gen brand with a new way of doing things, Cazoot is different in how it thinks, talks and acts.

New times call for new brands, services and experiences – because old ways don’t open new doors. That’s why Cazoot is unafraid to challenge the norm and reinvent the wheel. 

Connecting businesses with the right people for the right job at the right time is what Cazoot does best.  We know quality referrals yield the best results for our customers, and our candidates.

Cazoot is committed to helping people find out what they like doing best, and then connecting them with businesses who will employ them to do it!


Our Beliefs

  1. We believe every person deserves the right to a career they love; that makes them feel fulfilled; that inspires and drives them to be their very best.

  2. At Cazoot, we know the future depends on what we do today – so we do our best every day.

  3. We practice what we preach; and preach what we practice.  No bullshit.   No egos.  No hype. 

  4. We play BIG, not small, to ensure we achieve all that we are capable of achieving. 

  5. Go hard or go home is our mantra.  At Cazoot we know that half-arsed efforts achieve nothing and that only when we commit, we succeed.

  6. Success is measured in results.  Not Likes.  Not Shares.  Only 100% customer satisfaction will confirm we have made it.

  7. We love what we do.  We do what we love.

  8. At Cazoot we know that great companies are driven by:

    • Purpose, not just profit.

    • Relationships, not just transactions.

    • Giving, not just taking.

    • Results, not just reports.

  9. The Cazoot team work together as one - united by our goals, our values and beliefs. 

  10. We are a team that values diversity, creativity, innovation and inclusion – every member of the team knows their value and their role in making Cazoot successful.

The Cazoot business is built on a philosophy that embraces diversity and flexibility with a distributed workforce connected via the Cazoot platform.  We recognise that the best resources may not be located where Cazoot’s main office is located, and we are committed to only having the best resources.  We have created an innovative and effective environment that supports this model.